The Diet Plan Book

The Diet Plan

Alli is clinically proven that adding alli to a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet can help people lose 50% more weight than by dieting alone. So for every two pounds lost by dieting alone, this supplement could help them lose one more.

To get the best result, certain changes to eating habits need to be made. the alli diet plan book includes an enjoyable and easy to follow diet plan designed by a leading nutritionist. Eating reduced calorie, lower-fat meals does not mean compromising on taste. There are many exciting and delicious recipes to try, including:

  • Smoked salmon with baby dill pancakes for breakfast
  • Roasted pepper and halloumi paninis with watercress and clementine salad for lunch
  • Polenta-crusted cod with tarragon sauce for dinner, and bramley and mango brulee for dessert
  • Orange and sour cherry muffins – if you are still hungry and want a tasty snack!

The book provides detailed meal plans and appetising recipes that are all nutritionally balanced and specifically created to work with alli to help maximise weight loss.

When taking alli it’s important to consume a lower-fat diet, limiting the amount of fat per meal to around 15 grammes. the alli diet plan provides:

  • Almost 200 delicious, alli-friendly recipes
  • Meal plans and no-cook options to save you time when you are in a rush
  • An indispensable section on buying ready-prepared meals when you don’t have the time to cook
  • An accessible and essential eating-out guide for those special occasions
  • A fitness programme to help support weight loss or Buy Healthy Diet Book.

Where can I buy the Diet Plan book?

It is avilable in most book stores including here.

Alli diet plan contributor Fiona Wilcock

Fiona Wilcock is an experienced and respected independent nutrition consultant who has worked for the British Nutrition Foundation for four years, the Food Standards Agency and also the Health Education Board Scotland. She has designed and written ‘the alli diet plan’s’ eating guides and recipes for remedy for a toothache. Fiona is also the author of The Complete Pregnancy Cookbook, which won the Gourmand Cookbook Award for the best nutrition and health book in the UK, and was the nutrition expert for Mother and Baby magazine. She has written extensively on diet and health for a range of organisations including Marks and Spencer over many years writing menu plans for their food ranges and helps as as a home Remedy For Sore Throats providing technical advice and training.

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