Home Remedy For A Toothache

Get Rid Of Toothache

These home remedy for a toothache ideas are gathered from various traditional sources. Some may be more palatable than others! Whilst every effort should be made to see a dentist, sometimes we need to do something for the pain in the meantime. These home remedy for a toothache ideas are offered to provide a traditional, non pharmaceutical alternative.

Home remedy for a toothache – the Chinese approach with food


  • Star fruit (carambola): This is believed to reduce fever and detoxify. When used as a home remedy for a toothache to relieve pain, 3 star fruits are crushed to make a juice, which is then drunk twice a day.
  • Peppermint: 5 grams of fresh peppermint is boiled in 1 cup of water with a pinch of salt and Green Barley.

Although not specifically a home remedy for a toothache, to help reduce bleeding gums, it is suggested to brush teeth with fine table salt in the mornings and evenings.

Folk/tribal home remedy for a toothache

Fresh peanuts, shelled and crushed, and onion, peeled and crushed, are mixed together to form a fine paste. The paste is smeared on one side of something, like a piece of bread (although the tribespeople used a leaf). This is placed inside the mouth, pressed against the sore tooth and Toothaches at Night. This is left for a few hours, and nothing is drunk or eaten etc. The purpose of the bread is to hold the paste in place.

Another version of this home remedy for a toothache is to use a clove of fresh garlic other herbal supplements, peeled and crushed, cloves, and peanut butter, mixed together and then applied as a paste on a piece of bread in a similar way.

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