Easy Home Remedy For Sore Throats

Chinese food home remedy for sore throats

Simple selection of home remedy for sore throats from folk traditions and chinese food remedies.

  • remove the seed from a fresh or preserved olive and keep the olive in your mouth. Repeat with 1 olive each time, a few times a day. Olives have been found to contain phytochemicals which boost immune response, so much so they now produce supplements made from olive extracts, which is a convenient store bought alternative to this home remedy for sore throats.
  • boil a chicken egg, and remove it from the water as soon as it starts to boil. Pierce the shell and suck the white through the hole slowly to lubricate the throat. Do this once a day for 3 – 4 months. Its also good for loss of voice, and to protect the throat of professional singers.

Best Medications

  • steam until very soft 1 – 2 fresh figs, and 2 honey dates (dates processed in honey). Eat 1 – 2 figs each day. This also helps dry cough.
  • avoid cinnamon whilst you have a sore throat (it is heating)

folk/traditional home remedy for sore throats

  • freshly squeezed lime juice and raw, unprocessed honey (manuka honey, with its antibacterial action, would be a particlarly good choice). Sip this juice. Honey also helps Toothache when it is unprocessed is also good for the immune system, although some types of herbal supplements consumers are better than others. Manuka honey has been tested and approved for use.

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